True Echo Detections Australia

A leak detection business in Sydney that required a snappy and brand orientated website. Due to initial minimal content this website was designed to "show more with less". The logo and identity was created by Keenan Fong of Auckland, New Zealand.

This was a design job that literally began from scratch. Client preferences required Veratech to prioritize the contact form and service information section. The site has a fully functional contact form email system coupled with key company info. The result being a Web site that is presented in a compact and cohesive manner.

"Really fast and effective. We were fully impressed with Veratech's professionalism and speed. "

True Echo Detections, Australia

All design imagery and layout concepts were produced by Keenan Fong of Auckland, New Zealand. This site has full international sales capability. The site also allows for contact details and social media implementation to be clearly promoted and displayed. This was a job that Veratech handled from top to bottom. Brand Identity, Web Site Design and hosting were all handled by the Veratech design team.

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