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GTAV Incriminates The Planet


Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games

On the 17th of September 2013, gamers (predominantly male) aged between 15 and 45, mysteriously vanished from planet Earth. Sick calls were made, commitments were broken and roads were slightly emptier as the greatest ever video game was consumed on-mass. The rest is history. A very lucrative one as GTAV was undoubtedly 2013′s golden goose.


Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games

There’s nothing quite like an unadulterated raging success that comes in the form of gang affiliation, sex addiction and serial killing. Its the kind of formula that tends to be unstoppable. The Grand Theft Auto series is unashamed and undoubtedly the “big daddy” of the gaming world. GTAV loomed as a financial monolith before it even hit the shelves. It teased, taunted and eventually saturated the marketing landscape.

For all of the online post-launch buzz, no one really knows how much money GTAV has generated. Some basic facts and figures have been splashed about including:

  • $137 million to produce the game
  • £500 million in sales, first day
  • 125 million copies sold to date (reported end of October 2013)
  • Fastest ever entertainment property to gross $1 billion (3 days) (The record for feature films is “The Avengers”, which reached $1 billion dollars in 10 days)
GTAcImage Courtesy of Rockstar Games
“This blog’s author decided to come out of gaming retirement and experience GTAV first hand. After 7 days of gaming bliss the console was re-sold in order to escape the possibility of losing months of reality. I still miss the world of high stakes crime but I am grateful to be driving under the speed limit without homicidal tendencies.”

No matter what people believe, GTAV has made a staggering amount of money. All the while its 2 original creators, Sam and Dan Houser, maintain a low profile as their latest cultural nuke goes skyward. Bahamas anyone?

Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games

More than a game, GTAV isn’t good, it’s scary. A dominant, undisputed, psychotic, murdering phenom – with style.

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