The Martial Way – 5 Reasons why a Martial Art will improve your life and career.


For the last 2 and a half years I have been practicing the ITFNZ Chan Hong style of Tae Kwon Do in New Zealand under Masters Paul Mcphail and Steve Pellow.

Primarily a learning system, Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art that offers fitness, strength and mental benefits.

If you have ever considered taking up a martial art, whatever the style, now is the time to take action. 

Self Confidence:

Practicing a martial art will teach you about the secrets of the human body. You learn how you walk, think and adapt in any situation. With the knowledge to overcome an opponent one also gains the knowledge to overcome inherent fears and self doubt. This external and internal self knowledge helps us to see that the real enemy is often within. Martial Arts training helps us to nullify these external and internal threats which can lead to salvation and personal preservation.

Overcoming Fear:

As soon as you begin a Martial Art you have already made the most difficult step. The inaction of not starting is now behind you. This victory and the experience of beginning a martial art allows you to take more steps that you may have previously thought were not possible.

Stress Release:

Hitting, striking, kicking and physical expression is incredibly healthy for the body and mind. Our daily lives in the 21st century require our bodies to be placed in some of the most unnatural positions. Think of the drive to work or the hours spent at a desk. A good martial arts class will allow your blood stream to go into hyper flow. This means toxins are flushed and the mind is cleansed. The outside world falls into the background and the practitioner can re-energize and recover through an intense workout.


This is the key to performance and one of life’s most underestimated secrets. In our daily lives we are bombarded my media, family, friends and colleagues. A good martial arts session will allow you to focus on a particular task. Martial arts allow the practitioner to re-connect with his or her own sub conscious for true performance and fulfilment. This focus can also be re-applied in business and life. Focus is one of the greatest gifts of Martial Arts and it is also the most illusive.


It is important to have a life. If you practice a martial art you will have a reason to focus beyond your career. Martial Arts allow practitioners to de-prioritize remedial tasks and hindrances of every day working life. A practitioner of martial arts will develop a greater perspective of work life and this will improve their performance and general outlook.

I would recommend martial arts to all people of any age or gender. There are various large organisations for Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Tai Chi in your local area. Do some research on any martial art you may be interested in and then go and watch a class (which most instructors allow). Take the first step and you will discover a world that promotes safety, knowledge and health.

You will not regret it.


Jared Neems is a Web Developer and Business Development Manager at Veratech Web Solutions