Snapshot: Web barriers and how they harm your online business

2 simple tips to remove barriers and increase revenue


This morning I came across an enticing online ad that was promoting a local micro brewery. The ad had all the right elements. It was beautifully designed, had a clever catch line and finished with a strong call to action. This looked like the perfect combination for online advertising, but sadly, the wheels fell off.

This ad suffered from what many people overlook in digital marketing campaigns, barriers. A barrier is a block or required action that the user must comply with to gain access to the content that is being promoted.

The Brewery advert linked to a Facebook page. This meant that viewers had to login to their Facebook page in order to see the promoted content. This may not sound like a major as most of us log into our Facebook every day. However, requiring users to log in to Facebook after clicking an ad is the wrong way to market online.

“Consumers online want information quickly. People do not want to wait or work hard for access.”

If you are lucky enough to get a user’s attention, make it as easy as possible for them to access your content or message. This is why it is still best practice to have a A Facebook page is a good option for small and large businesses but is not suitable for all forms of online interaction.

Remember that not all people use Facebook. Many of us hate to login when we don’t feel like it.  These barriers are deterring factors that need to be removed. Try to link to a web site rather than a Facebook page. The brewery ad promised to show a product video.  A Youtube video page would have been the better option as all users would have had easy access to the content in question.

Unlike Facebook a Youtube video has no barriers or required logins

Email Forms

The best place to analyze a web sites’ “ease of use” is it’s contact page. If your contact form requires more information than is necessary via it’s contact page change it immediately. Below is a prime example of barrier overload:


This email form has too many required fields. Does your web site contact form require too much of your visitors?

Keep barriers in mind for your online content. Have a quick look at your organizations online contact form.  Reduce all barriers that are not required. This will help to create more leads and will generate more conversions for your online marketing campaigns.

Make it easy for your customers.

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