Snapshot: The 24 hour SEO strategy (A word to the wise)


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After talking to a friend about how to generate better Google ranking I thought it might be a good idea to put together a list.

At Veratech we promote the idealogy of playing hard but fair. Stay focused, follow the rules, lay the platform, be methodical and the results will follow.

Here are 13 SEO must haves for 2013:

Word to the wise for Kiwi businesses: For a quick improvement jump to number three and register with the NZ directories provided in the link.

SEO Must Haves:

1. Have a Clear Key Word Strategy that aligns your business with its target market.

2. Relevant web site page Meta Data and Page Titles.

  • Keyword based HTML Metadata (Meta Description/Meta Keywords Etc)
  • For page titles, avoid using: “Home – Company Name etc” Instead use specific search and keyword phrases: “Best Auckland Chiropractor located close to Epsom”

3. Get your site linked to on other web sites (The REAL currency of Google Search Ranking)

4. Google Plus For Business Page

  • Place content on your Google + with constant reference to web site address and keyword strategy

5. Google Places for Business registration (Google Maps location for Business)

6.  Google Webmaster Tools (Linked to site)

  • Site Map (Posted through Google Webmaster Tools)

7. Google Reviews

  • Get some posted immediately. Phone a friend/client.

8. Google Analytics (Linked to site)

9. Blog (Blogger or WordPress)

  • Backlink to sites
  • Link to article directories
  • Assign to Google Authorship (If possible)
  • Place content with constant reference to web site address and keyword strategy

10. Twitter, Youtube and Facebook accounts

  • Place content with constant reference to web site address and keyword strategy
  • Link to accounts via your website

11. Clean Code (W3 validated as best as possible with no 404 errors)

12. Image Tags

13. Bing and Yahoo site verification/registration



Jared Neems is the business development manager for Veratech Web Solutions. Veratech is a web design and digital marketing company in Auckland New Zealand.





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