Snapshot: 5 Reasons Why The HTC ONE Is Turning Heads

“Look at all the smart phones of note today. The consistent change is screen size. They keep getting bigger. Today’s Iphones, S4′s, Galaxy Notes are all an expression of what was first promoted by the Samsung P1000 36 months ago. After all, who enjoys squinting?”

The new HTC One has been on my desk for the last 2 days and the initial signs are promising. The HTC One is definitely a suave little number. Here are the 5 reasons I chose it:



A great looking device. Thin, smooth, curved and metallic; the HTC One feels like it is worth the $1000.00 it retails for. Resembling the OneX, HTC’s latest edition has gone a step further in sophistication. The back mount camera has been minimized to adhere with the minimalist styling that dominates the new model’s aesthetic. The One has a unique look and feel that sets it apart from other Androids and/or manufacturers.



HTC’s Rep:

HTC phones first came to our attention when they released the Sensation in 2011. Their devices had a great sense of style and speed. Since then HTC have cleverly crafted an admirable level of brand reputation and perception. This perception is reminiscent of Sony’s glory days in the 80s and 90s. HTC marketing understand the value of perception and are pushing further in a more literal sense. Brand perception is the most lethal subliminal marketing asset. A huge motivator when it comes to selecting a device in a crowded and competitive market.

HTCmovieHTC have recruited Robert Downey Jr for their latest Marketing Drive

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This was the closer. The Sony Xperia Z was my preferred choice until I discovered its camera speed. The Xperia had a delayed shutter action. This is a bane if you want to use your smart phone for quick fire imagery. All Iphone users will know and appreciate the feeling of an immediate shutter response that rifles off snaps as fast as your finger can tap. The HTC One has a very responsive shutter action.

HTC’s camera is a staggering 4 megapixels! (This is not a typo). HTC have used new tech called “Ultra pixel technology” which, according to the HTC web site, has “The largest available smartphone camera aperture, it lets in 44% more light than the iPhone 5.” Early reviews say that HTC have a winner. This lower-megapixel-camera approach may start a new trend when manufacturers prep new devices for the future.

HTCcA refined and advanced camera


Chipset    Qualcomm APQ8064T Snapdragon 600

CPU        Quad-core 1.7 GHz Krait 300

The One is awfully quick and this shouldn’t be a surprise considering the price bracket. Users undoubtedly require apps and upgrades over a 24 month term. A fast device will easily see out this period. Such speed also helps to maintain re-sale value if a user decides to upgrade and sell there current device.

snappySnapdragon chips are very quick.

Android = Freedom:

If the HTC One was not available I would have bought an Iphone. The Iphone is still an incredible and alluring device. The reason we didn’t go the Apple route was due to the practical power of Android. Android’s plug and play open source approach suits my working style and computer setup. I like the fact that I have a device that can literally do anything my PC can do. Transferring files should be as easy as connecting the device and opening a folder. Android delivers this functionality with ease.

droidAndroid: Free and easy, for now.

What about the S4?:

The S4 lost out due to being the popular kid at school. Everyone has a Samsung Galaxy these days. This shouldn’t matter if one were to make a choice based on logic and performance alone. However, style and brand affinity are a constant and hidden force in the smart phone world. Some people cringe at the fact that phones are perceived, by designers and users alike, as a very personal choice. Some cringe further knowing that we spend more time with our phone than any other personal device, or person, for that matter.

Today’s smart phone purchase trends reflect a level of conformity (Iphone and Galaxy S4). This illustrates a mass consumption teething process that will soon subside. Like fashion, customisation and technology may eventually combine to allow for a more personal product that caters for self expression.

The HTC One looks different. This fact may have been the real closer.



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