Air New Zealand, Social Media Breakfast 2013

I have always liked how Americans back themselves. Their unashamed, keen to take a gamble and have a sense of humour. Air NZ gave a group of people the chance to meet two new age tech marketers from the US. Here’s the gist of what they presented:

Mr Ross Dawson, The Social Media Philosopher:

Key Points:

  • NZ is currently number 1 for using social networks.
  • Google Goggles are real and they are on there way. This means that companies should register with as many Google systems as possible (Google maps, Google wallet, Google Review, Google Plus). If these goggles take off, a company’s online Google identity will be paramount. It reminded me that last year I selected a physio because they had multiple 5 star ratings in the Google Maps customer review section.
  • Crowd sourcing is the new “in thing”. In America it is seen as the future of innovation. Collective intelligence can give a small company incredible reach and power. Many sites now cater for this new online ideal.
  • Online identity is set to become an industry. Google your name and see what your current online identity looks like. Companies may have the ability to cater to wealthy individuals who are willing to pay others to manage and create their online identity. This will become an industry in itself. 
  • Experimentation in social media is important. This is an interesting fact. SM campaigns can be launched at a minimal cost. This should allow for more experimentation. The only danger is pushing the ledger too far and offending your customers. Be edgy without risking your reputation.

Introducing Teddy Goff, President Obama’s Digital Maestro:
Teddy was responsible for managing a truly monstrous digital campaign. He spoke quickly and rifled off some interesting thoughts relating to today’s online environment.

Key Points:

  • Show honour and respect in your social media
  • Have a sense of humour. Teddy spoke about how the digital re-election campaign created a Mitt Romney tax policy web page. The joke being that the “click here to find our policy icon” kept jumping around the web page.
  • Analytics and metrics were/are super important.
  • People trust their friends. This re-enforces the power of social media and highlights the emergence of social media online group strategy and segmentation.
  • Create good content and don’t be lame. “Lame” being the key word. Teddy emphasized how it can be easy for organisations to fall into the lame category. This included playing it too safe
    or simply not understanding your audience.
  • is big in the America. Google it.
  • Your social identity is the intersection of 1 what you care about and 2 what you are perceived as caring about. Both are not granted and are certainly not the same thing. Management will decide what 1 is but the audience will decide 2.
  • All e-commerce sites should create a saved payment system. It creates new opportunities for revenue generation and increases conversion. Example: Email a top up donation form and have a “click here to donate”. Customer does not have to re-enter their credit card details.

Click to check out our video of Teddy describing how to MAXIMIZE REVENUE with email campaigns.

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