How To Set Effective Goals Part 2

A Simple and Effective Way to Set Goals – Part 2

Step 1: Power – Create Meaningful Goals With These 5 Categories:

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After taking the time to think about your future ambitions and what you want to achieve, you can now record your ideas in a logical format. My suggestion is to separate your goals into these 5 categories:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Financial
  3. Physical
  4. Social
  5. Educational

Most goals will fit within these categories. An example of a spiritual goal would be to attend church consistently or meditate more. Social would be to make new friends or start more social orientated hobbies. Financial would be to save a certain amount of money or expand investments (real estate etc).

If you spread your goals across these 5 categories, you can be assured that they are balanced and will work to provide benefit to all aspects of a healthy life. If you discover a category that has no goals, try to think of a goal for the category to give your yearly goals real balance.

Step 2: Structure – You Need A Template:

We are almost done, we just need to list our goals within a readable template. I have provided a free template that I use to list my goals that you can download below. The key is to make sure your final goal template is tidy and easily accessible for reading.


I write my goals in a word document that I save to the cloud. I then print out 3 copies and keep these in places that I can easily access (back of a diary, bed-side draw, car glove box etc). You can even place the goals on the wall so you won’t miss them during the year.


Step 3: Polish – Proof Read and Review:


Every time I write my goals into the final template, I have to add something or change it before after reading them on paper. You will be surprised how much improvement you can make by proof-reading your goals. Read them off paper and make edits if needed. The above template/goal document will last you for the next 12 months so proof reading is worth it.

Step 4: Confidence – Print A Final Copy For Future Reference:

You now have a real, living, authentic guide to improve your life. Your goals represent your new ability to read and reference your life’s plan at any time. They will remind you, guide you and keep you on track. The only thing left to do is …

Step 4: Work:

There is no magic bullet for success, happiness, fulfillment or peace of mind. Your goals are your map. The work you need to do get to reach your destination is up to you. Read your goals as much as possible, change them if needed, and work hard.


Step 5: More Work – Review / Update / Keep Working:

Constantly review your goal template throughout the year. That is the key. Rest assured knowing that you have taken the time to create a guide to personal success and achievement. You now have a key tool to create real life improvement across a long period of time. Congratulations, good luck and keep working hard.



Jared Neems is a Web & I.O.T Application Developer, Language Teacher who lives on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. 

He has worked as a private contractor in education and technology with Yoobee ACG Auckland & Wellington, REINZ, MClass New Zealand and HMI Technologies. Jared works with several design and dev-development contractors under the Veratech brand.  

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