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Escape From The Browser – Drone – Node.js – Hello World

Node.js, a drone and a momentary escape from the browser

almost outside

almost outside

IOT has been a buzz term within web development circles for the last 24 – 36 months. As web developers find new and innovative ways to make web and native applications, some innovation is progressively funneling from the main river of code advancement to real-world non-browser hardware. Could this movement towards hardware and IOT be a sign of something more profound ? It is a rebellion against a development industry that promotes ill health melded with a society that is almost reaching the point of screen addiction. Some brave souls may be finding ways to escape…Image result for tunnel to the sky

How To Drone With Node.js For Under $100.00 US Dollars:

Nasty little sh1t. Watch out when he's airborne

Nasty little sh1t. Watch out when he’s airborne

Shopping Items:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 capable USB adapter (You computer may have this already) $8.00 NZD
  • Parrot minidrone – $96.00 NZD on special, ordered online
  • Computer

The Software:

  • Node.js 6.0 +
  • Solid text editor
  • Fetherston npm-parrot-minidrone
  • Command line

Let’s fly:

2. Bluetooth 4.0 headaches on Windows 7

The most challenging part of this process was setting up the bluetooth usb dongle on a windows machine.  I  was using windows 7 which required me to use Zadig. I went to options, “list all devices” then selected the relevant usb bluetooth device and selected Replace Driver. I take no responsibility if this destroys your bluetooth hardware or usb environment // Do this at your own risk after researching correctly for your system and requirements




3. NPM-parrot-minidrone, node.js – All we need is the demo code

All props to fetherston and their creation. This node package allows us to code with js to control a drone. The repo has a hello-world ready to go. All code is based on Featherstone’s provided demo code an api:



Fetherston drone library on Node Package Manager – So Cool!!!!

Time for the videos:

4. Take Off & Please Land

5. Integrate the keyboard

Flight with keyboard

Laughter at end of video due to the unseen crash landing

And there we have it. A fairly simple way to interface with a drone via node and js. The first thing I learned was that the stakes are much higher when coding/debugging in the physical world.  Exciting times, what other interesting ways (no blinking LED demos please) can we easily explore IOT node.js development?

Jared Neems is a software developer and Teacher from New Zealand who works for Veratech.

Adventures Of A Lucky Guest In Thailand – Trip to Amphawa Floating Markets

On my recent trip to Thailand I had the privilege to experience some great company from a group of locals. They were kind beyond measure and had a care-free attitude that was refreshing. This blog is in memory of the fine young ladies who showed me the true essentialities of Thai culture.
Anpawah Floating Markets - Mural

Anpawah Floating Markets – Mural

 Jared, we have an idea!

My phone rang on a weekday and my new host and life manager PGolf was on the other end to inform me of “a plan”. I was recovering from 2 nights of food poisoning in Bangkok hospital after being somewhat liberal during the yearly Song Kran festival (Thai New Year). A night on which I drank, walked, danced, and was somewhat awestruck by the colors, smiles, flesh and tattoos that coerce during Songkran. Where the hell am I again?………….. Thailand.
PGolf continued: “We have a place that we want to take you. Can you meet me at my work at 5.30pm?”. I was now out of hospital and living in luxury at PGolfs family residence. I felt rejuvenated enough to accept Pgolfs offer and to venture back into the surprisingly massive Metropolis that is Bangkok. “Sure” I replied.
man laying in big city - Bangkok

man laying in big city – Bangkok


Our first adventure was a soft introduction to the finer side of Bangkok. Asiatique is an open plan outdoor night spot that has many restaurants and shops. It sits alongside the river and has a relaxed touristy feel. I really enjoyed the location. My 3 friends PGolf, Jaeb and Pum all took photo’s of themselves, me and each other while the sun was setting by the river.
what lays ahead

what lays ahead?

nice to meet you

nice to meet you



In stark contrast to some of the food options in Bangkok, Asiatique is very modern and western in style. However this does not reduce it’s appeal, the river location and massive array of eateries and shops make it a must for those with cash and time to burn. We had a great meal at a Chinese Hot Pot restaurant and then went to the ferris wheel.
many restaurants to choose from at Asiatique Bangkok Thailand

many restaurants to choose from at Asiatique Bangkok Thailand

ready for liftoff on the ferris wheel

ready for liftoff on the ferris wheel


Pum, Jaeb and PGolf

Pum, Jeab and PGolf


ferris wheel time

ferris wheel time

Amphawa Floating Markets

The following Saturday the same team invited me on another mission. We ventured approximately 1 hour out of Bangkok to the famous Amphawa Floating Markets. We were joined by Pum’s friendly and helpful husband for our journey. The Amphawa floating markets are unique. The food, smells and sights are prominent and wonderfully Thai. So many colours require pictures rather than words:
boat shops in Anpawah Floating Market Thailand

boat shops in Amphawa Floating Market Thailand


Anpawah Floating Markets - food and colour

Amphawa Floating Markets – food and colour


Anpawah Floating MArkets - seafood galore

Amphawa Floating Markets – seafood galore



Anpawah Floating Markets - crab

Amphawa Floating Markets – crab

Anpawah Floating Markets - fresh seafoodAmphawa Floating Markets – fresh seafood

Anpawah Floating Markets - prawns and hotpants - deadly combination

Amphawa Floating Markets – prawns and hotpants – deadly combination

Anpawah Floating Markets - cool TShirts
Amphawa Floating Markets – cool TShirts

Anpawah Floating Markets - Curry

Amphawa Floating Markets – Curry

Anpawah Floating Markets - Boat Time

Amphawa Floating Markets – Boat Time

Anpawah Floating Markets - River Cruise With Large Statue

Amphawa Floating Markets – River Cruise With Large Statue

Anpawah Floating Markets - Temple Outside with Jaeb
Amphawa Floating Markets – Temple Outside with Jeab

Anpawah Floating Markets - Outdoor Cafe

Amphawa Floating Markets – Outdoor Cafe

Many thanks to my 3 kind friends from Thailand. I will endeavor to write about Chiang Rai, and Thai culture in my upcoming posts.

Jared Neems is a software developer and Teacher from New Zealand who works for Veratech.